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Quality Crafted in the Foothills of North Carolina


How it's Made

A look at what goes into crafting some of Industrial Domestics products are explored here

Pipe Socket 1

Standard black iron pipe is cut to a specified length and bored out to accept standard inner workings

No glue, epoxy or tape here like in many "pipe" sockets found online   The base for the internals is securely welded in place


The internal workings are securely assembled with thread locking compound applied to all fasteners

The inner workings are secured to the pipe socket using oversized hardware

Fiberglass sleeving is used at critical points in all assemblies

The base socket is assembled to the the other components of the light assembly

A proprietary finish provides a uniques old factory vintage appearance

When using as a single pendant, a strain relief is used to remove any stress on the interior wiring connections